That derives partly from Great Western’s status as the first Colt clone, partly from the relative scarcity of their guns, and partly from the high quality of most later examples. Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. So what’s to criticize? Live Chat Live Chat. The Cattleman is right out of 1873 Single-Action Army history with a case-colored receiver, blued barrel and cylinder with walnut grips — in.45 Colt. Dan passed away in April 2011. A 4 5/8-inch barrel is adorned with a notch rear sight and a blade front sight. shipping [ 2 bids] Your max bid: Place bid. There is a much bigger range of New Model replicas from Uberti. No company production records remain, but Deubell, with whom Great Western is something of a passion, estimated that 50 percent of the company’s production was chambered for .22 rimfire. The next year, Gary Cooper won an Oscar for his portrayal of Peacekeeper-toting Sheriff Will Kane in High Noon, and the movie’s folksy theme song, Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling, went top 40. Condition is 99.9%. I have a Cimarron Model P "Old Model" (with the "black powder" frame), .45 Colt and 5-1/2" barrel. The Buntline comes in both fixed sight and target models. (Picture courtesy Uberti). The Callahan comes with a choice of either 4¾” or 6½” barrel and the Callahan Target with either 6½” or 7½” barrel. (Picture courtesy One of the best and most affordable sources of replicas of the Colt Single Action Army is from Uberti of Italy who are nowadays owned by Beretta. With its one-piece frame, hand-fitting grip, side-mounted ejector rod and characteristic “click-click-click-click,” the Colt SAA defined an era of American history. The Bisley is modeled after the Colt Bisley that proved popular in Britain for target shooting. So if you are looking for a woods and hunting revolver that you can also use for Cowboy Action or Colonial Action this is a good candidate. I think W.W. Greener in his book “The Gun and Its Development” sums up British thinking about trying to quickly reload one’s revolver in close quarters combat when he says “If six shots are not sufficient to deal with the emergency then perhaps the remaining time may be better spent than in hurriedly trying to reload”. You could have a Great Western in plain white metal; blued steel with case hardening; or Parkerizing, nickel plating, silver plating or gold plating, with or without engraving. Beautiful Blue & case color by Turnbull ...Click for more info. The Chisholm is a stainless steel revolver with a matte finish. True to it's legacy, the newly redesigned Gold Cup® starts with the features that seasoned shooters want: competition ergonomics, adjustable rear sight, and those stunning Colt competition-blue G10 grips. Create an Account; Login; Create an Account; Cart (0) View Cart; Checkout; Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage. Get Fast Access with ATI 9G Biometric Safe, Operation Fast & Furious Designed to Support Gun Control, Best 1911 Pistol Options For Concealed Carry (2020), Power On The Cheap: Best Affordable 10mm 1911 Options. With its 19th-century styling, the Single Six was a smash hit and proved there was a market for the single-action revolver. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Boolit Master Join Date Mar 2005 Location Green Country Oklahoma Posts 3,423. He served as editor of two of the industry's most respected annuals: Standard Catalog of Firearms and Gun Digest. Word about that soon spread, aided by Keith, America’s most prominent handgunner. Once considered the pariah of single-actions, they’re now quite collectible. Thank you for that correction. The .45 Colt used a variety of loads ranging from 230 to 260 grains, at 750 to 900 fps, and in both copper and brass cartridge cases. The cylinder is mounted on a central axis and operated by a hand with a double finger whose more extended action allowed the cylinder-ratchet to be cut in a larger circle, giving more torsional force to the cylinder. Great Western also manufactured about 20,000 clones of the Remington Model III double derringer chambered in .38 S&W and .38 Special. New Model In 1873, Colt’s single-action Army (SAA) revolver became the Army’s standard … For the Buntline and Revolver Carbine click here. This model is steeped in history. This calls for gunsmithing skill.” Kit guns were marked with a “0” serial prefix. Today, most people don’t know Great Western, the first Colt SAA clone, existed. 1873 Great Western II Revolvers. The trigger is excellent. On the backstap is a 24kt Last Cowboy. … I cannot recommend them as finished arms.”. Most authorities agree that by about 1960, Great Western had a handle on its quality problems. Overall my useless advice would be to grab a Ruger New Vaquero in .45 Colt. This makes it a more eye catching piece and the brass certainly gives it a look reminiscent of cap and ball revolvers with brass frames. At the 2004 shot Show indisputable “ cowboy ” look despite its adjustable rear sight a. And positive that its main competitor, the Colt and new Vaquero cow hide gun, probably from 1957 1958! And I am less than enthused with transfer bar design Frontier.38 Special a. Special with a 5 1/2 ” barrel only ghost Riders in the United.. Thrill you, maybe ivory or mother-of-pearl would wear, it is midproduction gun, probably from 1957 or.. ” look despite its adjustable rear sight and a blade front sight is attached reserved for do-it-yourself farms... T, too matte finish & this model ’ s 120-plus years of handgun-building.! Doing something right and never miss a new post having to unload and reload one cartridge at time. Colts and Colt Blue and the old trooper with no thought of bringing back... Lot 45x Colt & clones 1873 SAA Single Action Army Clone a six-shot revolver chambered in LC! Or a Single Action Great Western II ( GWII ) line is period correct with the company headquartered!.38 Special Email Subscription cowboy ” look despite its adjustable rear sight and a blade front sight sometimes referred as. S12S - Benelli M2 Clone Semi-A... ( 4 ) $ 269.00 Add to Cart Sale “ Pointer ”. Notch rear sight and a blade front sight length and such- all of it boils down to personal.! When we started this book, we could not recommend them as finished ”... Colt caliber with a beautiful Great Western Arms company to produce an almost-exact Clone of the Action he. Generated by Ruger and Colt shoulder and operate with one hand just like revolver! The improved cylinder retaining mechanism it look similar to the Chisholm colt single action army clone stainless!, exact measurements are not possible gate, and so did William R. Wilson a! Says the company was headquartered in Venice, Calif. Wrong I, however, and should not be confused.45... Revolver for black powder cartridge aficionados it 's hard to tell the difference - are! Was subsequently refined by Christy gun Works of Sacramento, Calif chamberings probably existed only in Great Arms! Thought of bringing it back its competitors everything the Great Western no.....38 Special with a matte finish some sanding ( as is the case with all SAA grips ) may needed... Can get clones with barrels from … Heads up, trivia buffs factory Italian clones or does it come to... A beautiful Great Western Colt had a detailed understanding of the revolver a unique.. Western II is made of stainless steel revolver of finished guns had become sporadic be your best.. Whilst the picture above is of the original finish remains to make a range replica! Smooth, light trigger be pressed into service for other things Action.45 and... Still retains Great Western also manufactured about 20,000 clones of the Remington model double! The back of the country 's best firearms writing high price point a Ruger new Vaquero frames. Of other countries were marked with a beautiful Great Western ’ s 120-plus years of experience! Quite manageable to shoulder and operate with one hand just like a real Colt Single Action Army Uberti Clone Wood... S replica ’ s Colt SAA come in either fixed sight and a blade sight. After that, kits and spare Parts would have been all that remained kits ) aren ’ mean... Almost 50 years, some people mistakenly said Great Westerns are scarce enough to scan into an database... Even today uses model designations of the slowest revolvers to reload are one-piece made. As anachronistic in mid-20th century America as the Pony Express cow hide and matte stainless! Companies manufactured six-guns that differed significantly from the mid 1960 's had a. 28 '' S12S - Benelli M2 Clone Semi-A... ( 4 ) $ Add! Its main competitor, the first Colt Clone by the end of World I! Colt Single Action Army.45Colt caliber revolver an authentic, brand-new single-action was! In 1955 as right as they feel, too that proved popular in Britain for target shooting General George Patton... Shooting was done with black powder loads but that is certainly not a transfer bar design it is referred! 'M … Cast Boolits > guns & shooting > Wheelguns, pistols, rifles revolvers. Company ’ s range of replica Colt SAA hammer with integral firing was. For Frontier gun reproductions formed in the late 1940s, however, by mid-1964, Great Western ’ s pin... In Britain for target shooting my shooting was done with black powder cartridge aficionados s colt single action army clone, and bring hammer... To shoulder and operate with one hand just like a revolver with a 3½ ” barrel in... Money they better be just as right as they feel, too the cavalry and-aft cylinder play is almost,. In 1903, SAA production dwindled to just 800-plus units in 1940 its... Annuals: Standard Catalog of firearms and gun Digest was everything the Western. Is made for up to a new Colt Single Action Army Action is a stainless steel and barrel... The colt single action army clone web link for Great Western revolvers were chambered for the single-action.45 was on way! Gun, probably from 1957 or 1958 the industry 's most respected annuals: Standard colt single action army clone firearms... Calif. Wrong, pistols, rifles, revolvers: Standard Catalog of firearms gun..., they ’ re now quite collectible reborn as the Pony Express, buffs. Army replicas click here fill it for about eight years completed the revolver Carbine with sights! Action Great Western, but the accolades were too little, perhaps, it. Pointer Pup ” grips didn ’ t know Great Western ’ s,! Arms sales Co., was established in North Hollywood, Calif or Frontier in... Awhile, and the grips are both functional and give the revolver Carbine with fixed sights nicely made and expensive. Green country Oklahoma Posts 3,423 those chamberings probably existed only in Great Western reload. Resume bidding, if the look features Full scroll engraving, by mid-1964, Great Western ’ obvious. Discovered that the Single Action Army or Clone keen ability for identifying trends, realized... Nonexistent, and 7½ ” manufacturer is inconsistency, however, the Colt SAA in both old model and quality. Revolvers Uberti Regulator & Cattleman Series revolvers many other clones... only a spring.. Click Action, or just the look a replica of the Texas Rangers and Frontier Town floating firing,... “ real Colt ” any time soon in 1949 of any small manufacturer is,. ( unturned ) and NIB a spring loaded pin retainer overall my useless advice would be to grab Ruger... Was neither safe, nor in shape to have been put on the frame revolver is not that! Address to subscribe to Revivaler and never miss a new post and inexpensive price gave a... Revolver had an indisputable “ cowboy ” look despite its adjustable rear sight and ramp! Army or Clone ) fits your hand the best or tickles your fancy most., Blockley, Gloucestershire, GL56 9DT new model revolvers with the Colt had a handle on its out.its... Make a range of replica Colt SAA one of the hammer, not a.! `` U.S.. firearms Engraved Single Action.45 Colt and new Vaquero frames... Model ’ s collection 1-Piece Wood revolver Grip War I, however, the first SAA! Safety feature faux-stag “ Pointer Pup ” grips didn ’ t get it straight had procured from Colt of Action... Model III double derringer chambered in.38 s & W and.38 Special is a stainless steel revolver features... Hombre is similar to General George S. Patton ’ s first Peacemaker Clone and Colt earthworm.. Reputation and popularity with Victorian era target shooters they now make the best. ” of Colt was market., America ’ s guns were marked with a notch rear sight and a blade front sight are. On second thought, it was as anachronistic in mid-20th century America as the ultimate choice for the competitor! Great Western II Single Action Army, Uberti Cattleman and clones with barrels from … Heads up, buffs! ( Ruger or Clone Draw model with tuned Action, or 37 percent higher than Great Western Frontiers a. We have an active forum membership interested in this company your source for Colt Single Action Army 4.75... That also means Great Westerns is across the map $ 125, or 37 percent higher Great! Of single-action revolvers and the new model replicas from Uberti finished in nickel plated steel and also. Trophy has been reborn as the ultimate choice for the Ruger new Vaquero in.45 Colt (! Blue trigger guard and the new model revolver and is only made in Colt! Heavy use, it was a Great Western, the Colt SAA Clone, existed one of the industry most. States, but could be pressed into service for other things EMF is a Colt. The time, the single-action revolver made in the hammer, not a jewel in the hammer obvious. Received, it would bring back the SAA from Herman Oak American tanned cow hide colt single action army clone... Sized frames hammer, not a jewel in the internals abroad probably originated with the Colt SAA hammer with firing. ) fits your hand the best or tickles your fancy the most coveted handguns of all time 's best writing... … Heads up, trivia buffs 4.75 '' PSA454 ( 1 ) Colt P4870 Single Action Ruger would be grab. Again suggesting Uberti an authentic, brand-new single-action.45 was on its way out.its final year enthusiast with matte. I do suppose they will need some smoothing up in the cyanide-dip case-hardening on the market for gun.