Xiumin, the oldest member, turns 30 (29 in international age) in 2019, which means that he needs to enlist this year. Xiumin will be the first EXO member to enlist as his military enlistment date is confirmed for 7 May. He will be starting on May 14, 2020 and be discharged in February 13, 2022. Source: YouTube. After Xiumin, Kyungsoo will be the second member to complete his military training. After an extremely long wait, EXO‘s D.O is finally getting discharged from the military! On December 6, Xiumin is expected to be discharged from the military. Fans are upset that his military enlistment is happening so soon. Learn how your comment data is processed. Chingu Day (Noona Chronicles) Has always loved ramen and kimchi. Finally, on December 13, Wanna One’s Yoon Ji Sung will be discharged. After almost 2 years, SM Entertainment finally announced the discharge date from the military camp for EXO’s prized vocalist Xiumin! We will also not be holding any events either. EXO’s D.O Finally Gets An Official Discharge Date From The Military And Fans Couldn’t Be Happier. EXO-Ls react . 1 hour ago. Chogiwa – EXO’s Xiumin discharge is one of the EXO’s upcoming events which have been looking forward by EXO-Ls around the world to celebrate. During his service, he pаrticipаted in Return: The Promise of the Dаy, а musicаl put on within the militаry. | @dandanieez/Twitter Media outlet MBN Star released news on 23 November 2020 that he will be given back his status as a regular civilian after 6 December 2020. As he left in the midst of the peak of his career, fans have been anxiously awaiting his return. So after a thorough discussion with the members and the company, he decided to apply. Learn how your comment data is processed. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. 38 [UPDATE] Top 50 KPOP Popularity Ranking December 2020. Sources . Search Xiumin 2020. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. EXO’s Xiumin becomes 1st band member to finish military duty; SM Entertainment DISCLOSES his return date 0 EXO’s Xiumin will be discharged from the … Started watching KDramas almost 2 decades ago, but was never a … There will be no separate discharge event," the statement added. EXO’s Xiumin and former Infinite member Hoya (Lee Howon) returned to their fans’ side after completing their military service. Xiumin is the first EXO member to begin his military service! EXO fans rejoice! Before enlisting, Xiumin posted photos of his buzzcut and shared several additional images for fans. Visit & Look Up Quick Results Now On celebrandoleonardo500.com! EXO’s D.O Finally Gets An Official Discharge Date From The Military And Fans Couldn’t Be Happier. We EXO-Ls are quite excited for this. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Xiumin, the oldest member, turns 30 (29 in international age) in 2019, which means that he needs to enlist this year. Exo member Xiumin is set to return to public life on December 6 after the K-pop star served in the South Korean military for 18 months. Mark your calendars! Credit: Topstarnews, GLORIOUS. Each month, there is something to celebrate: That is, our K-Pop idols being discharged from their military duties! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As the oldest member of EXO, Xiumin will be the first member to complete his … On the afternoon of May 7, Xiumin quietly entered the recruit training center in Yanggu County of Gangwon Province. EXO-Ls are celebrating the year ending with a bunch of good news. News. Xiumin got his start in the China-focused unit EXO-M before the act’s two teams, Korea-based EXO-K and EXO-M, joined together in 2013. EXO's Xiumin has officially ended his military service and will be greeting fans all over the world through a special livestream via V LIVE to commemorate his military discharge. Military Discharge Dates Of Kpop Idols In 2020 Finally Revealed (EXO, BTOB, SHINee, INFINITE and More) By. Loading... Leave a Reply Cancel reply. A fan page then curated the dates of the members’ enlistment ending with Suho’s impending discharge date. There will be no separate discharge event." Xiumin's discharge date is set for December 6 of 2020. No separate discharge case will occur. Celebrando Leonardo. He wishes to enlist quietly, so we will not be announcing the time and location of his enlistment. Who’s discharge are you most excited about next year? Jasmine Turner. There a lot of celebrations for EXO and EXO-L in the next three months, from Kai’s solo album debut, Chanyeol’s Birthday this month, D.O and Kai’s birthdays in January up to […] Related searches. - … Xiumin joined the аrmy lаst yeаr on Mаy 7. LATEST UPDATE [UPDATE] Kpop Comeback Schedule January 2021. On Dec. 6, Xiumin uploaded several photos with a handwritten message on Lysn Bubble. Jasmine Turner. 13 [UPDATE] Kpop Comeback Schedule December 2020. While there, he and fellow EXO member D.O. After Xiumin enlisted on May 7 and became the first EXO member to serve, D.O. This creates rumors that he and Xiumin will be enlisting soon before 2019 ends. December 6, 2020 Xiumin – EXO Discharge. Without further ado, here are the 7 K-pop idols who will finally be released from the military in the last few months of this year, complete with their scheduled discharge date: expressed that he wishes to fulfill his military duties as soon as possible. For any diehard Kpop or KDrama fan there is no sadder day than when their bias heads off to complete their military service. He enlisted this past May as an active-duty soldier. The statement comes in for the first time since he entered the military and also comes the same day he was officially discharged. Essentially, this would grant them early discharge as they are able to go about civilian life before the official discharge date. Mark your calendars! He's the backbone of EXO. DO joined the military last year on July 1 and during his service, he reportedly participated in the military musical ‘Return: The Promise of the Day’. There are a lot of factors affecting how long a star will serve. EXO’s Xiumin announced in a special letter to fans on April 9 that he will be enlisting in the military in May 2019.