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Materials Recycled

Plastic Reprocessing

Concord Plastics reprocesses up to 100,000 lbs of plastic per day. With our new INTAREMA 1716 TVEplus we can offer the highest quality pellets thanks to its 90-110 micron laser filters and triple degassing system.


Film, parts, chunks, lumps, regrinds, or sweeps, all can be picked up with a rebate depending on quality and quantity. Click to view more of the various plastics that can be recycled.


Concord Plastics can install balers at your facility for baling cardboard or other fiber products. Baled as well as loose cardboard and paper can be taken as well.


Scrap pallets and crates are recycled and sold in A, B, & C grades.


We can spot open top containers for all of your scrap metal such as bale wire and scrap steel. We can rig and remove whole machines, surplus equipment, parts or pieces. Contact a Concord Plastics, Inc. representative to find out how you can save in pull fees and in many cases receive compensation for scrap metal.